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What Are EMF Symptoms?

There are many studies now underway to fully explore the hidden hazards of invisible EMF radiation. Experts expect it will be many years before we fully understand the dangers, and damages, being done as new technologies bring even more EMF danger into our homes and the workplace.


Some of the more commonly reported symptoms and diseases associated with EMF radiation exposure include:

  • Fatigue, stress and sleep disturbances

  • Facial prickling, burning sensations and rashes

  • Pains and aches in your muscles including chest pains

  • Eye disorders, burning itchy sensations and cataracts

  • Depression, mood swings, anxiety

  • Infertility and birth defects

  • Leukemia in children, breast cancer and cancer clusters

  • Glioblastoma (an aggressive, incurable brain or spine cancer)

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