What Are The Sources of EMF?

EMF Radiation is Real

And is Everywhere

There are many sources of EMF radiation. From the very beginning of time, EMF waves have been present in our environment. In recent decades the growth of technology, especially the use of electricity in our homes and businesses and the discovery of wireless technologies has sent the number of EMF radiation sources skyrocketing.

The increased number of EMF radiation sources present in our homes, business, schools, and even pubic spaces has many scientists and experts warning we are facing a growing danger whose full extent may not be known for many years to come. Many schools throughout the world are now removing WiFi and WiFi driven electronic devices such as tablets, monitors, cell phones and any other wireless equipment and replacing them with hard wire products.

It is important that if you have concerns over exposure to EMF radiation that you do not fall victim to scams and scammers but instead stay informed and make decisions on your health and that of your loved ones on a growing knowledge base of EMF radiation.

Here are some of the more common sources of EMF radiation:


  • Appliances (magnetic induction stovetop, microwave oven, computers, washer/dryer, TV, radio, etc).

  • Plasma TVs apparently have some adverse bioeffects on some people that are similar to exposures to wireless devices.

  • Lighting (compact fluorescent bulbs, other fluorescent lighting).

  • Where electricity enters the home (electrical main panel, subpanels in the home, electrical wiring in the walls – if improperly wired).

  • Home grid systems (RF devices that use electrical wiring of home).

  • Hybrid cars (their EMF levels vary widely, so check before buying).




  • Lighting (fluorescent),

  • in particular, compact

  • fluorescent bulbs.

  • Being close to overhead

  • projectors, slide projectors, computer hard-drives (floor); any transformer for charging power (little black boxes that plug in);  “boom boxes” for music that plug into an electrical wall plug; power strips with lots of wires plugged in.

  • Computers, printers, nearly all appliances that plug into an electrical wall plug.



  • Lighting (fluorescent primarily).

  • Computers and separate hard drives.

  • Printers.

  • Copiers/faxes.

  • Being alongside someone else’s computer (even thru a wall).

  • Being near an electrical main panel or subpanel or switchgear room. (Think next to, above or below an electrical room.)

  • Personal data assistants (iPad and others) these also emit high levels of radiofrequency radiation just as cell phones do.

  • Working near large electrical systems (large electric motors, generators, electric cables).  Working with power saws, drills, welding, any induction motor (variable speed motor like a sewing machine)


Public spaces

  • Power lines, transmission lines, transformers, pad-mounted ground transformers (big green boxes labeled “High Voltage” that sit outside buildings).

  • Broadband over power lines (BPL) – a new technology that will use the existing electrical power grid to transmit an RF signal (wireless) for internet access. BPL would expose all buildings with electrical wiring (which is ALL buildings with electricity) to constant RF, even if you do not buy the “black box” to decode and use it.  You cannot “opt out.” • Electric transportation systems (trains) and light-rail.

  • Electric and hybrid cars (exposures vary widely).

  • Wireless networks, laptops, PDAs – any “wireless device.”

  • Avoid wireless baby monitors (excessively high ELF and/or RF).

Cellphone providers long ago added a disclaimer to their contracts that removes or lessons their liability for any health problems related to the use of cell phones.  Many experts predict the rise of lawsuits in the workplace as a result of EMF exposure and, in anticipation of those lawsuits, insurance companies that provide coverage in the home and workplace (including Lloyds of London) are now excluding coverage for health issues attributed to EMF exposure.


How much time does your child spend

in front of the television? It could be causing

many serious problems.

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