EMF Testing & Solutions™ is the first and only company headquartered on the Treasure Coast to  provide comprehensive testing and solutions against the hazards of EMF radiation. 


The technicians in our Testing Services division, perform two essential services for our clients. EMF radiation testing and EMF radiation remediation. 

Our testing procedures, using current state-of-the-art equipment, identifies the many sources of EMF radiation in your homes, business, school or organization. Once the EMF levels have been identified, you will receive a full report outlining the "hot" areas with the EMF levels listed. We can also provide information on what you can do to lower those EMF readings to the acceptable EPA levels. You then have the choice of using our technicians to fix those problem areas with the best solution material for the job, or you can hire your own preferred technicians.

After remediation, you can call for an appointment to have our technician return for a follow up reading to assure the identified EMF issues have been properly corrected to a safe level. 

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