America's Next Invisible Killer May Be Lurking Undetected



Today will history repeat itself when it comes to discovering the hidden dangers of EMF radiation much the same way the silent killer radon was finally discovered to be killing thousands of people each year with cancer?

Many are certain the answer is yes. 


The presence of radon in indoor air was documented as early as 1950. Beginning in the 1970s research was initiated to address sources of indoor radon, determinants of concentration, health effects, and mitigation approaches.


In the United States, the problem of indoor radon received widespread publicity and intensified investigation after a widely publicized incident in 1984. During routine monitoring at a Pennsylvania nuclear power plant, a worker was found to be contaminated with radioactivity. A high concentration of radon in his home was subsequently identified as being responsible for the radioactivity.

The threat from radon presumably began when man began sleeping in caves and radon gas was being emitted from the stones and dirt in the cave. So too, EMF radiation has been around since the beginning of time as a natural occurring part of nature. 

Experts believe radon dangers became increasingly serious when weatherproofing stopped the gas being formed by radon's radioactivity from being vented out of homes. It took years of study to determine radon was responsible for many thousands of cases of cancer around the world.

Similarly, EMF radiation, while occurring naturally (and even in our bodies) was not as a serious hazard years ago when there was no electricity, no radio, no television, and certainly no computers and cellphones.

Today's modern home and office is filled with wiring and electronic devices that emit more and more EMF radiation. Staggering amounts of radiation.

Can you afford to wait until scientists and researchers confirm EMG radiation is dangerous much the same way scientists finally admitted radon was hazardous?