About EMF Testing & Solutions™


Providing you with solutions you can trust

The professionals at EMF Testing & Solutions™ are trained to test your home and business for dangerous EMF radiation.

EMF Testing & Solutions™ specializes in identifying dangerous EMF radiation sources and providing mitigation to alleviate or eliminate the danger.

EMF Testing & Solutions™ offers EMF Testing and Solutions for residential, business and corporate customers.


We here at EMF look forward to working with you and your family, your employees and your customers to provide safe solutions from EMF radiation exposure.


EMF Testing & Solutions™, a Division of Electrical Connections, is located at 1205 SE Dixie Cutoff in Stuart, Florida.  


For more information, you may call 772.283.5792 or visit their website at www.emfsolutionsec.com

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Electrical Panels & Wiring

Faulty or outdated electrical panels are one of the most easily corrected sources of EMF radiation.


During our proprietary testing process, we'll use the highest industry standard testing equipment to cover your home or business thoroughly to discover dangerous EMF radiation sources and take action to eliminate the threat!

EMF Technician

Meet "Z" our Senior EMF Technician. Z is trained to listen and evaluate your EMF radiation concerns.


He'll prioritize testing and solutions to meet the most urgent needs of our customers. Call today to schedule an appointment to test your home or business. 

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Customer Focused

Not only are our EMF Testing & Solutions™ technicians customer service oriented, each and every employee is background checked and passes a stringent drug and alcohol screening. Our Operations Manager takes great pride in making sure you can rest assured that any employee that visits your home is qualified to do so.