Every Human Emits and Receives EMF W
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Most Insurance
Excludes EMF Coverage

Are attorneys gearing up for a wave of EMF lawsuits? Many insurance companies apparently think so as they have begun excluding EMF coverage from their policies.

EMF Inspections
Home & Business

How safe are you and your workers  from the invisible radiation generated by the electrical wires and devices in your home or business?

You might not be as safe as you think. Why risk cancer and other medical problems related to EMF radiation?

Expert Connections
to Expert EMF Solutions

With so much unknown about the perils of EMF radiation, can you afford to wait until years of research are concluded? Just like radon gas became a known hazard, EMF radiation is becoming more widely known for its dangers.


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Don't be taken in by scams and gimmicks. EMF Testing & Solutions™ believes factual information is the best defense against scammers who will take advantage of the growing evidence that EMF radiation is linked to many serious and long-lasting health issues. Our goal is to regularly update you with information you may use to protect you and your loved ones about this invisible and odorless hazard. Much like RADON was an undetected killer in our homes for decades, scientists and researchers are only now getting to know more about EMF radiation and its proliferation caused by advances in electronic technologies.

Stay informed.  Stay up to date. Stay SAFE with EMF Testing & Solutions™


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